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Twitch forms review board to strengthen moderation policies – Engadget

“When developing this council we felt it was essential to include both experts who can provide an external perspective, as well as Twitch streamers who deeply understand creators’ unique challenges and viewpoints,” the company’s announcement post reads. “Each member of the council was carefully selected based on their familiarity with the Twitch community and their relevant personal and professional experiences.”

The council will offer guidance on the following areas, as outlined by Twitch:

  • Drafting new policies and policy updates

  • Developing products and features to improve safety and moderation

  • Promoting healthy streaming and work-life balance habits

  • Protecting the interests of marginalized groups

  • Identifying emerging trends that could impact the Twitch experience 

With 1.2 million followers on Twitch, CohhCarnage is the name that most folks will recognize in the list of advisors. Twitch shared news about the council on Twitter this morning, and CohhCarnage’s tag shows up multiple times in the replies, largely from people pleased that he’s on board.

CohhCarnage tweeted his own thoughts about the council, saying he joined up to foster three main things at Twitch: transparency, consistency and fairness.

“Twitch has a long way to go to get back in the good graces of the public concerning how it handles these processes,” he wrote. “I am hopeful this initiative is a big step in that direction.”

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