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See Katherine Langford wield Excalibur in exclusive preview images from Netflix’s Cursed

One of the key elements of Arthurian mythology is that King Arthur wields a magic sword called Excalibur. Where does he come by this sword? Sometimes he pulls it out of a stone, but most of the time Excalibur is given to him by a woman known as the Lady of the Lake, or Nimue, who is also the figure who eventually seals away the wizard Merlin after learning his magical secrets. But Netflix’s upcoming fantasy series Cursed, based on the illustrated novel of the same name, changes up the dynamics of the myth. Here, it’s Nimue (Katherine Langford) who must wield Excalibur to battle the forces of evil, as you can see in the exclusive preview images below.

Cursed was written by Tom Wheeler with illustrations by legendary comic artist (and occasional film director) Frank Miller, both of whom are executive producers of the series (with Wheeler serving as showrunner). Along with preview images from the show, EW also has an exclusive first look at the official tie-in cover for a new edition of the book.

“Realizing these characters from page to screen was a unique and thrilling creative challenge,” Wheeler tells EW. “I think first and foremost when casting for Cursed, Frank and I were looking for a mythological truth, actors who could bring the emotion and the humanity to legendary characters without losing the sense of elemental magic and epic stakes. Led by Katherine Langford, who is equal parts classic hero and sword-swinging badass, this extraordinary cast has brought such depth, commitment, and heart to this story. We can’t wait to introduce them to audiences around the world.”

In addition to Langford, Cursed also stars Devon Terrell as Arthur, a charming mercenary Nimue meets on the road who has a very normal name and is surely nothing more than he seems. The land is ruled by King Uther Pendragon, who allows fanatical Red Paladins to roam the land crucifying villages of people as heretics. Get a taste of them all below before Cursed premieres on Netflix this summer.

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