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Pokémon GO Seedot Community Day: How To Get A Shiny Shiftry – Forbes

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO


Pokémon GO is back with another quarantine-approved Community Day. Even though some regions are lifting lockdown restrictions in the wake of the pandemic (or in the middle of it, depending on where you are), the rules they came up with last month are still here for Seedot Community Day.

Seedot is a Gen 3 Pokémon that evolves into Nuzleaf, then Shiftry. Today, the hunt is on for both a shiny version and one that will learn Bullet Seed if it’s evolved into a Shiftry by the end of Community Day, which runs from 11-5 PM local time in whatever region you’re in.

What are the lockdown changes that remain in place? Well, the event is six hours, to start with. Past that, it’s now incense, not lures, that last for three hours at a time, meaning you can plant one wherever you are for a lot more Seedot spawn for relatively cheap. There’s 3x catch XP that can be increased with a Lucky Egg even further.

As for a shiny, the rate remains around 4.1% to find one, or about 1 in 24 encounters should get you a shiny Seedot. Once the six hours is almost up, figure out your best IV Seedots and evolve them into a shiny Shiftry. It’s a very good shiny family, given that the tree is a lot different in color than the normal version, which does not always happen. Shiftry in particular now has a cool red and yellow coat as opposed to brown and white like he normally does, so this is definitely going to be a good addition to your shiny collection.

As for when Community Day goes back to normal, I have no idea, but these benefits are obviously pretty solid, with Niantic doubling the time of the event and having you use just two incenses that last the entire duration. My guess is that we see these kinds of changes in places for the next few months at least, if not permanently. We’ll have to see about the rest of the game’s changes like to raiding and such, if those ever go back to normal. Too much is still up in the air right now regarding the virus to tell.

This should be a solid Community Day all around, despite the circumstances, and Seedot is one that I’ve been looking forward to for a while, so I can add that very cool shiny Shiftry to my collection. I will see you out there.

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