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New evidence hints at the Galaxy Note 20+ having a periscope camera – SamMobile

We have another bit of hot information regarding the Galaxy Note 20 series and specifically the larger Galaxy Note 20+ model. Our friends at Galaxy Club found out more about the flagship’s camera setup, and according to the latest, the Galaxy Note 20+ is extremely likely be equipped with a periscope-type camera module.

As yet, there’s no evidence supporting that the Galaxy Note 20 base model will also have this camera module, so it could remain exclusive to the Galaxy Note 20+. This is not the only technology that may end up being reserved for the top-tier model. Previous reports also suggest that the Galaxy Note 20+ will use a 120Hz LTPO panel, whereas the base model could be limited to a 60Hz LTPS display. Similarly, the Galaxy Note 20+ might have a 108MP camera whereas the Note 20 may or may not lack this characteristic.

No guarantee that this module is identical to the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s

What’s important to note is that although the Galaxy Note 20+ periscope-type camera appears to have a similar ‘folded’ design as the one found on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, there’s no information as to whether or not this is the exact same module.

A recent rumor claims that the Galaxy Note 20+ will not have 100x zoom capabilities, and this could still be an accurate prediction even if there’s now evidence that the flagship will have a periscope-type camera module. The zoom level and other technical specifications could be different compared to those offered by the Galaxy S20 Ultra. We’re bound to find out more about the Galaxy Note 20 series before the August online unveiling, so stay tuned.

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