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I’m a Beauty Editor, and These Are the 20 Gifts I’m Telling Everyone to Ask For

Confession: Despite knowing about all the best beauty gifts, I’m terrible at making wish lists. Maybe it’s because I genuinely feel bad asking people to give me things or maybe it’s because most of the things I want I buy on a whim, but usually for the holidays I just tell friends to buy me a drink and my parents to send a check. But this year, at the behest of people begging me to give a straight answer, I’m trying to be more thoughtful about what would honestly bring me joy to unwrap, as well as what my friends and family would love getting. Having some great gift ideas feels especially important, since I’ve haven’t actually seen most of my friends in person (thanks, COVID). 

Since I’m a beauty editor, the latter is thankfully much easier to do. The answer for me is to give beauty products. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sephora gift set for my eye-makeup-obsessed friend, a great-smelling candle for my 23-year-old cousin who just got her first apartment, or a new shaving set for my boyfriend who refuses to use moisturizer, beauty gifts are always appreciated. And with a little digging, it’s not hard to find something that feels both surprising and personal. So if you’re also in need of ideas, I’ve compiled a list of the best beauty gifts you can’t go wrong with this year—even if they’re just to steal for yourself.

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