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Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started The ‘Avengers’ Beta – Forbes




The Avengers beta is back online, and I figured it was time to write this article given that now at least the full spectrum of players have a chance to access it. For PS4, it’s anyone, for Xbox and PC, it’s anyone who has pre-ordered it, but that’s good enough, so it’s time to dish out some advice with my 20+ hours so far.

Here are five things I wish I knew when I started the Avengers Beta (other than no, your progress does not carry over to the final release).

1. The Maxes

For the beta, the max level you can achieve is 15, the max power level, linked to your gear, is 45, but I see no real reason to get that high, because enemies will scale to your level for most activities now. There is only one mission, the Villain Lair, that has a somewhat higher power requirement at level 20, but I did it at 15 and it really wasn’t a problem. Remember, it’s not just drops that will up your power level, you can use currency to pump up the power of your gear. The higher the rarity of the gear, the more you can increase its power. An uncommon piece may only go up three levels, a legendary piece might go up 10.




2. My Favorite Upgrades

Hulk – Sinking points into rage skills for bonus healing and more time using it. He’s a tank so needs to absorb a ton of damage.

Black Widow – I like her high caliber pistol and if you can manage to get a lot of ranged gear, it turns her into a powerhouse sniper. Also anything that increases stun damage on her for faster access to takedowns.

Kamala – She benefits from all the combo-based skills since she’s such a brawler. Unlock those first and you will see the best results from her stretchy moveset.

Iron Man – This tree has access to lasers, repulsors and rockets. For my money, I think investing in rockets is the best bet for huge damage at range.

3. Best Farming Places

Generally speaking, the longer the mission, the better an XP and gear farm it’s going to be. So in this case, that would be the Stark Realities and Condition: Green missions in the Pacific Northwest, as those all have bonus chests in open world areas, and a lot of enemies for leveling. The best farm is probably the longest mission, the villain lair. Drop zones you will play mainly to fill specific slots like when you need artifacts (which do not drop that often anywhere else).

4. My Legendary Drop Locations

I cannot say for sure this is the best place to get legendary drops, which are indeed available in the beta, but from both of mine, I got them from a “take down the VIP target in this area” objective that you come across in the mission that have open world segments. Usually the drop was always at least a blue or purple, but I got both of my legendaries through these kinds of targets.

5. The Secret Mission

This is something that I didn’t know existed until after the beta was over, but now I’m going back to do it. In the Stark Realities mission, there is a secret SHIELD bunker you can find and go through. This will then unlock a secret mission in the tundra back on the world map you can go play. I believe this is where you can use your DNA keys from the villain lair, but I need to check.

Where to find the bunker:

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started. Have fun.

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